Do you need to bring your Asterisk PBX Call Center to the next level?

Find here 4 of the most advance solutions that thousands of companies are using today.

Find the Best Contact Center Solution for Your Business


The Advanced Asterisk™ Call Center Software Solution Suite.

QueueMetrics sets up modern standards in performance measurement, statistics and reporting for call centers based on the Asterisk PBX technology.
Successfully used in thousands of contact centers worldwide, since 2004.

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  • Live administrator and supervisor call center status panel.
  • Area code breakdowns inclusive of calling and waiting time.
  • Agent billable and payable time with total sales, contacts and conversion statistics.
  • Live agent page with queue statistics and agent controls.
  • Total unanswered calls with disconnection time and position.
  • Complete call distribution statistic, including sales and contacts, by week, day or hour.
  • Administrator message broadcasting and SMS functionality.
  • Full agent availability with session and pauses details and history.
  • Inbound ACD call attempts with metrics available by operator, terminal and queue.
  • Detailed call information including the Asterisk Call ID and recorded call.
  • Total of answered calls including call length and waiting time metrics.
  • Inclusive SLA of answered and unanswered calls and disconnection causes.


The next-generation dialer application built for ease of integration.

WombatDialer is l2highly scalable, multi-server, easy-to-use telecasting platform that «just works» with your existing Asterisk-based PBX.
It works natively with the QueueMetrics Call-Center Monitoring Suite in order to produce state-of-the-art campaign analysis and insight.

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  • Works with your existing Asterisk PBX.
  • Easy, automated installation.
  • High scalability: from one to hundreds of outbound lines on multiple servers.
  • Run multiple prioritized campaigns in parallel.
  • Pervasive security model with extensive auditing capabilities.
  • Programmable handling of calls that do not complete.
  • Easy to integrate through its HTTP API.
  • Strong real-time monitoring capabilities.
  • Runs locally – you do not have to depend on third-party services.
  • Provides a set of «building blocks» so you can create custom-tailored solutions.


The best call center suite for Asterisk is now in the cloud.
Move to QueueMetrics-Live today and experience the speed and simplicity of setting up a fully functional Asterisk-based contact-center, tailored for your needs.
You can try QueueMetrics-Live with the first 30 days free, installation is included and 30 day money back guarantee!

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  • Delivered via the cloud as software as a service (SaaS).
  • No need to buy, maintain or upgrade hardware.
  • Pay only for what you use each month.
  • Easily support multiple contact-centers, including at-home agents, anywhere in the world.
  • Full QueueMetrics functionality guarantee, including agent pages and live monitoring.

Experience the speed and simplicity of setting up a fully functional Asterisk contact-center monitor, tailored for your needs.


The first free web contact center simulator. QueueWiz is designed for interactive, quick and accurate call center sizing, cost and revenue simulation. Insert your data with the intuitive interface, measure traffic intensity, expected wait times, agents’ engagement, revenue per call and per agent and even hourly margins. Save your simulation and share it via email or social media.



  • Interactive Traffic Intensity Simulation.
  • Agents Engagement Time Measurement.
  • Wait Times, Call Lengths, Queue sizes and many more details.
  • Revenue per Call and per Agent.
  • Hourly costs, gross and margin.
  • Social Sharing.
  • Free of Charge.